The resources available


  • The Quarterly Bulletin: it will be mailed three times a year, if you are in your are up to date with your annual fee
  • This website specific to the Great Wall. You can consult at any time:
  •  Sending e-mail, information "GM" for rapid diffusion and targeted or not, by region ( Brive, Bordeaux, Paris, other)  or to everyone.
  • Contact via Internet: (without accent to Presidente please !)

Remember to inform us of your change of address, Internet or phone number, thank you imperative to do so at the following address: (without the accent to Secretary Please!)

Pensez à NOUS informer de VOS changements d'adresse postale, Internet et de numéro de téléphone, merci de le faire impérativement à l'adresse suivante:  (sans accent SVP à secrétaire !)

We need your contact information updated so that all sendings are realized efficiently and economically.