Christmas market

  •      St Privat in Correze Asian market with the combination of colors of China, on 13 and 14/12/2008

      Meals on site. Please contact Ms. Pelaud to 05 55 28 38 69


Mid-day Chinese New Year 2008

  •      In Paris
  •      To Brive
  •      St Privat in Correze, Room Christmas


Year of Rat begins on February 7 2008!

The Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival is undoubtedly the biggest holiday for Chinese.

It is celebrated according to the Chinese calendar which is both lunar and solar, unlike the Gregorian calendar.

This holiday is a time which is taking advantage of the holiday by gathering with family and friends.

On the seventh day of the first lunar month, we celebrate the full moon by suspending multicolored lanterns with the approach of night.

Big cities install in prestigious places (the walls for Xi'an) shows with magical lanterns.

It is an ideal opportunity to meet or make new connections.

The sound of firecrackers is a characteristic of Chinese New Year: it is necessary to draw firecrackers to chase away demons and implore peace and happiness for the new year.

The "happiness" symbolizing luck and wealth, is affixed to the doors of houses to express their desire for a happy life and a better future.

It was more likely to stick to the upside to mean, playing on his namesake, the arrival of "happiness" or lucky!